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Yearly Archives: 2013

The old ‘resulting hexagram’ conundrum

I recently had an email from ‘M’, who’s baffled by a recent reading. M’s particular question was a little unusual, asking what he himself is really looking for in a given situation, but the basic problem he’s having is familiar: “Essentially, I am confused as how to interpret the original hexagram, changing lines and subsequent… Continue Reading

How important are the changing lines?

(This post is about the basics. If you know them already, you can skip this and seek out something more sophisticated.) ‘How important are the changing lines?’ Someone emailed me to ask that: his ‘I Ching’ book had taught him to read one hexagram with one changing line for every reading, and (perhaps unsurprisingly) he… Continue Reading

‘Not possible’ querents, impossible readings

I like reading tarot blogs – there’s a whole supportive culture out there of readers, and the challenges they face are not so different from   those encountered by Yi people. For instance, here’s Brigit writing warmly and with a good dose of common sense about dealing with difficult clients. It’s actually odd how few… Continue Reading

Clarity news: site upgrades

I’ve been very quiet lately – busy preparing to upgrade all the software that runs Clarity. Now it’s time to take the plunge and run the upgrades. While the upgrades are running, some things – the forum, shop and anything you log in to – won’t work. They’ll close on Monday morning, and if all… Continue Reading

Learning the I Ching from experience

When people ask me how they can become more fluent and confident with their readings, I always, predictably, say something about experience. Consulting with Yi is a relationship and a practice – not something you can learn how to do first, and then start doing it. You get to know hexagrams and lines when you… Continue Reading

Steps through Hexagram 46

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Hexagram 46

Here are some thoughts on the moving line texts of Hexagram 46, Pushing Upward. I’d like to have a good dive in here – drawing on the meaning of the line position, the relationship to the zhi gua (the hexagram each line changes to) and the line pathway, along with experience, to get a feel… Continue Reading

Pushing Upward, step 4 (more hexagrams of context)

As promised… one more step along the path through Hexagram 46. In this post, I’ll have a go at a couple more ‘hexagrams of context’: two more ways of saying ‘this is not that’. In the last post I looked at 46 with 45, Gathering: the contrasting, paired hexagram. Pushing Upward is not Gathering Together… Continue Reading

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