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Living Connection

Thinking about why we’re creating the journal software,  I found myself writing a sort of personal creed. Here it is –

Living Connection

Nothing definitive – of course – but heartfelt. If you like it, please share it freely.

3 responses to Living Connection

  1. Hi Hilary. That is wonderful. I just want to say that you are doing a great and beautiful job here. You are demystifying the layers of this very powerful tool for self-realization, at the same time as you are gently opening a door for many to the truly majestic and eternal depths of reality and our place therein. You are helping to bridge the gap between earth and heaven with a human helping hand. After all we, the “ordinary” human, are the bridge, a meeting place and manifestation of the love between the two.

    Thank you, and all blessings to your future projects and processes!


  2. Thank you for taking the time to formalise your perspective. It was uplifting to read, hopeful and practical. Also especially well-written (if only I could write like that).

    I was particularly pleased to note how much we are still on the same wavelength, despite my not having consulted Yi. (For years, I think. Which is not to say I don’t still look things up in your book!)

    Believe it or not, I am trying to write a book along quite similar lines. Called ‘Downward’ it is a celebration of humility, simplicity and service — the idea that seeking the lowest place (rather than the top spot) is more profitable both individually and collectively.

    Where you talk of conversation, I talk of involvement. I particularly echo your “nature of the cosmos is to talk with us about the larger meaning of our experience”, though I focus on demonstrating how we are party to a mutually beneficial agenda (though largely unaware of it). I conclude ‘we are at home’ where you start with that.

    So you have piqued my interest! I might even have to rejoin the Change Circle. 🙂

  3. Hi Albin, hi Chris,

    Sorry I missed seeing your comments before – don’t know how that happened. Anyway, thank you.

    I think that basic awareness of being at home can lead in a lot of different directions. It could lead to being a farmer or a herbalist just as readily as to being a diviner.

    Tell me when your book is ready, Chris – I’d like to read it.

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