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Clarity in 2015

I haven’t made a post like this before, but I can see the wisdom in making public commitments, so here goes… this is what I intend to offer you through Clarity this year.

I Ching classes

I’ll run a series of live online classes – using a combination of live calls and private forum for support – through the year. The first will be in March, and I’m thinking of starting with a class for absolute beginners – though that depends on whether there’s sufficient demand.

I’ll send an email to ‘Friends’ Notes’ subscribers soon to ask for your advice and help to design this and future classes. (I just need to create a survey that asks all I need to ask without being stupidly long!)

I’ve pencilled in more advanced classes for June and September – it all depends on what people are interested in – and I expect to fit in at least one more opening for individual readings inbetween the classes. Each class will be for a small-ish group of maybe 20 people, and Change Circle members will have first claim on places (and a discount).


I’ll open for readings at least once more this year. Exactly when depends on energy levels and other circumstances, so I won’t promise a date for those.

Change Circle, er, changes

Well, no very enormous changes: we still have the private forum, Reading Circle (for posts you would rather not share with Google), and WikiWing, the experienced-based, member-created hexagram-by-hexagram commentary. And assorted useful downloads, discounts and such-like.

I very much appreciate (and depend on!) Change Circle members’ ongoing support, so I keep looking for ways to show it. This year we’re trying something new, where I’m available for 20 minute personal Skype/phone chats each week for any Yi-related questions. These are on Saturdays during February, starting on the 7th. (Details and booking link are here.)

Also, WikiWing is expanding – I’m adding articles on different parts of the ‘diviner’s toolkit’ (like pairs, nuclears and so on) which we can fill out with more examples and experiences over the coming months.

If you’re not already a Change Circle member, would you like to join? You’d be very welcome. Here’s the sign-up page 🙂 .

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