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Change Circle changes & the Yijing Foundations Course

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Where I start from…

Yi is pretty extraordinary.

I know, this isn’t exactly breaking news. But I keep noticing it all over again: partly because I keep looking at more complex structures and finding more meaning and beauty than ever (the fractal oracle?); partly because I’ve been looking more at the simplest questions (like ‘why do these lines embody this concept?’) and finding myself completely overwhelmed; and mostly simply because I see it at work in readings.

Yi engages people in real conversation. It offers not only answers to questions, but a deep awareness of being truly connected. When you have confidence in your readings, so you know from experience that something as random as tossed coins or shuffled stalks will speak to you personally – well, then you know you’re fully at home. In the end, the conversation isn’t only a Q-&-A, to-and-fro: it’s a state of being.

So… the ever-present question for Clarity is how I can help people towards this experience. I write stuff, I sometimes do individual readings, I help develop and sell the Resonance Journal, I provide courses and classes – always based wholly on personal readings, because there is no way to learn the art of conversation with Yi except by talking with it (also not news!) – and I run Change Circle.

Change Circle is for people who want to get into this conversation and explore it together – something that’s easier to do freely in a private space, where you don’t have Google looking over your shoulder indexing every word! It’s also a natural place for study, because if you’re interested in going deeper with Yi then you’re also interested in learning more about it – that’s almost tautological.

Which is fine… except that it’s left me spreading myself rather thin, trying to look after course or class people in one place and Change Circle people somewhere else. Balls get dropped.  And it occurs to me that I’m creating a lot of unnecessary complication.

So I decided –

I’ll give everything to Change Circle people

Starting with the new Foundations Course, and continuing with all the Yijing learning materials I create in future (modules on more advanced techniques are in the works), everything to do with learning Yijing divination will be included in Change Circle membership.

You won’t have to decide between membership or a course or an ebook – you just come in under the Change Circle roof and find it all waiting for you there, with as much or as little support as you want, from me and the community as a whole. Reading Circle, WikiWing, the Foundations Course and its forum, more advanced modules to come (developed inside the Wiki so you can access them as works in progress), and the option of chatting with me for half an hour each month about any Yi-related puzzles you may have.

What the changes will look like

The course I currently have on sale is going into an honourable retirement; the Foundations Course is just better all round. (As well it should be – it’d be pretty sad if I couldn’t produce something better now than I wrote about a decade ago…) The ‘Words of Change’ mini-glossary will be retired, too, because the enlarged-and-improved Language of Change is also available inside Change Circle.

So the Clarity ‘shop’ will contain:

  • personal readings (sometimes) for £150
  • the Resonance Journalstill only £20!
  • the Foundations Course on its own (for anyone who’s completely allergic to forums and tutoring and just wants to study on their own) for £50
  • WikiWing membership – pay what you want, starting at all of £1/month
  • the newly expanded Change Circle membership – pay what you want, starting at £10/month

(Later, I’ll add a special version of Change Circle membership with personal support/ tuition for a limited number of people. Later still, as I complete the more advanced course, I’ll probably raise the price of basic membership. And one day I’d also very much like to provide tuition, support and certification for people who want to read for others professionally.)

When they’ll happen: 1st September

– or as close to that date as I can. (Technology may happen to me at any stage, of course. It often does.)

Why I’m telling you this now

Because the price of Change Circle is going up substantially to reflect all the new additions – it’s currently £40/year – and existing members will be ‘grandfathered’ in at the original price while still having full access to everything. Whatever price you pay when you sign up for Change Circle is the price you will continue to pay for as long as you remain a member.

So… you might want to join now. Or ask me any questions you have to help you decide whether to join now.

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(To stay updated on these changes, subscribe to the associated forum thread.)

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