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Why is it called Change?

(Background to this: the ‘Yi’ in ‘Yijing’ (aka the ‘I’ in ‘I Ching’) means ‘change’. Why would an oracle be called ‘change’?

A sensible explanation might be that the Yijing’s lines and hexagrams change, and maybe this was what made it different from its ancient sister-oracles that also used hexagrams. Change is what this oracle does and what it represents: 4096 kinds and qualities of change.

What follows is not a sensible explanation.)


Eternity isn’t time without end; it’s timelessness.

If eternity were an ocean of being, then all of time could float on its surface.

Eternal being is equally present in any moment in time. If time ran in a circle, eternity would be the point at the centre: equally close to every point on the circumference. (So if the soul is eternal, then talk of ‘past lives’ must be a bit of a misnomer. Another life might be ‘past’ or ‘future’ relative to this one, but they’re all present to the soul.)

So… why time? What does the creation of time really create?


(…growth – unfolding – stories to tell… )

Change is the embodiment of time, and it’s where and how we live.

Change does for eternity something like what language does for consciousness: it articulates it. It gives it a voice.

(Etymology of oracle: from Latin orare, to speak.)


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