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Change is coming…

or ‘Where did Hilary go?’

For the last several months, I’ve been working on redesigning the website – which has been so time-consuming that really only Change Circle members have seen much of me. It has all taken just a bit longer than expected…

But we are almost there. All that’s left to do is the actual changeover to the new design. This is a bit more complicated than it sounds, so I’m getting a tremendously helpful expert to do the heavy lifting.

What to expect on Saturday…

Saturday 23rd is Changeover Day, and there will be some odd moments: bits of the site looking different from other bits, links that lead nowhere, and so on. But everything should be working again normally within 48 hours or so. First the blog, then the main site, then the forums and finally your ‘account’ and ‘profile’ pages will be changed to the new design.

…and afterwards

I expect I’ll spend the following few-days-to-a-week doing the remaining technical chores and chasing down any unexpected bugs. (Just imagine me staggering blearily about, waving a fly swatter.) If you could let me know about any issues you find during this time, that would be brilliant – thank you.

And then I’m going to have a holiday. Not something I normally do, but I think I need one. (Error 404, brain not found. Error 418 is also a distinct possibility.)

And then, when I’m back, I’ll invite you to have a look at the new ‘I Ching chat’ option. This is a quite different animal from the full reading service: it’s just a thirty minute chat to help you get ‘unstuck’ on a specific reading sticking point. The same service has been included in Change Circle for a while now, and since that’s worked well, I thought I’d try making it generally available. More information coming with the new site…

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