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New in the Resonance Journal: reading insights

New in the Resonance Journal: reading insights

The Yijing doesn’t just talk to you one reading at a time: it communicates a lot through the patterns and themes that recur through many readings.

The Resonance Journal has always been brilliant for finding these patterns in your readings: they’re a click or two away, via the Cast History feature (the easy option, my favourite) and the Advanced Search (especially useful when you’re looking for patterns that range across dreams and synchronicities as well as readings).

The Insights Pane is different, because it ‘volunteers’ information about which hexagrams you’re getting most frequently: you can see at a glance when something unusual’s happening, with no searching required.

Once you’ve updated your Journal to the latest version, you’ll see the Insights Pane when you next open it. Here’s a tiny, 2 minute video introduction:

If you’re new to the Resonance Journal, download your own copy here.

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