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New ‘fan yao’ page added

New ‘fan yao’ page added

I’ve just added a new page to the ‘Learn’ section of the site, introducing the fan yao: what this line is, what it shows you, and how to use it in readings. Also something of a health warning, as it can be quite misleading if you’re not clear on how it relates to the answer you cast.

The unusual ‘mini course’ layout on that page is because it’s an excerpt from a longer course, one I just completed a few days ago, on line pathways. These are a journey that starts from each moving line you cast and travels through three related lines including the fan yao, letting you explore your cast line’s themes and resonances from new angles.

You wouldn’t want to get into the line pathway for every line of every reading – this is very much a tool for deep dives into the kind of reading you want to spend more time with. And I would definitely recommend you make your way through the Foundations Course and also the ‘Quick Insights’ course on paired hexagrams before you embark on this one – it’ll make a lot more sense that way. Happily, you can find all three courses in the Change Circle Library – and if you’re not already a member, you are very welcome to join.

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