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Advice for an author

Advice for an author

Episode 10 of the I Ching with Clarity podcast features a listener’s reading.

Lynn Keller’s book, Thanksgiving in America, is just coming out; she asked Yi what her focus should be now with the book, and received Hexagram 33, Retreating, changing at lines 3 and 4 to 20, Seeing.

changing to

In the course of the reading I mention a few Chinese characters:

遯 dun, Retreat. I couldn’t find an image of the ancient character online, but LiSe shows us the components.

觀 guan, Seeing – the bird with great eyes and a crest, a heron:

guan, seeing, from hanziyuan.net

and 好 hao, ‘loving, good’ (from 33.4), showing a mother and child:

Chinese character hao ?, good
hao, good, from hanziyuan.net

As I mentioned on the podcast, the Yijing Foundations Class is coming up in September. Do have a look through the details at https://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/c/yijing-foundations-class/, and if you’re interested, sign up for more information.

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  1. From the author
    The image of mother and son is astounding. My son had begun editing my book after extreme problems finding an editor. All I found were focused on what is known or considered. I can find the fault points. My son can ask the right questions. This book has become the first partnership of my life. We are now in a full-scale reconsideration of the whole book from our collaborative viewpoints.
    Lance delves into ideas I just assumed. He is by profession a musician and a composer so every word counts. The result has been an extraordinary new perspective on American history.

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