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Creating a home

Creating a home

This podcast has a reading of my own, about creating a home. Yi answered with Hexagram 53, Gradual Progress, changing at line 5 to Hexagram 52, Stilling:

changing to

If you’d like to discuss a reading with me for a future episode (it’s free, as a ‘thank you’ for sharing), please book here!

In this one, I spend some time discussing the ‘nuclear story’ of the moving lines – how you can find four component trigrams in a hexagram, and the hexagrams they create. Here they are (because this is a lot easier to follow when you can see it):

I cast this hexagram –

and by taking groups of consecutive lines, you can find four trigrams inside it:

– lines 1-2-3, 2-3-4, 3-4-5 and 4-5-6. So extract each of those trigrams, with the moving line included…

…and combine them into hexagrams. Each hexagram’s made from two overlapping trigrams:

39, Limping
64, Not Yet Crossing
37, People in the Home

And there you have the three nuclear hexagrams I talk about in the episode.

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  1. This was fantastic. I love your down to earth approach when explaining aspects of the hexagrams and lines. Boy, 53.5 really is very slow, slow success. But what a great bit of reassurance one can receive with this line that nothing can prevent the subject inquiry

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