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The Inner Truth of Waiting

Raindrops on lake surface.

In this episode, Katie – a psychotherapist in training – asks, “What do I most need to know right now?” Behind this question lies a worry that she ought to be doing more, or achieving faster or maybe starting a side business: she was wondering, she said, whether she ought to be active or passive.

Yi responded with Hexagram 61, Inner Truth, changing at lines 3 and 6 to Hexagram 5, Waiting:

changing to

Yi, I think, took the whole idea of being active and making things happen and turned it neatly on its head for her. How does it sound to you?

In this episode, I also introduce the Reading Navigation class. If you’d like to join Change Circle so you can be part of that, you can sign up here.


1 thought on “The Inner Truth of Waiting”

  1. Thank you for telling us the rainmaker story. That’s what westerns *still* call passiveness, I guess. Which explains why we are unbalanced. We don’t usually perceive action when it’s inside.
    (The next question I’ll ask Yi will be ‘How to solve my difficulties (coughADHD) in getting round the payment system to become a Change Circle member?’)

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