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An unexpected reading

An unexpected reading

Episode 36 of the I Ching with Clarity podcast – a reading of my own, received in a way that might be new to you. I was asking for guidance in a new situation, and the response was Hexagram 27, Nourishing, changing to 54, the Marrying Maiden. (The completely positive experience I had as ‘marrying maiden’ was somewhat unexpected, too.)

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2 responses to An unexpected reading

  1. Hello Hillary,
    Love that you shared your reading and once again epitomized the genius of the I Ching and your insightful answer.
    Thank you…
    I would love to be a guest on your podcast and hear your interpretation of my reading.

  2. Excellent reading Hilary

    It’s interesting, to me anyway, that you got all even numbered lines which are appropriately associated with yin. I also think that the fourth line is especially instrumental in this reading as in W/B it says, first, ‘on the lookout for the right people’ and second, not working for himself but for the good of all, and the two hexagrams blend in very nicely. You are new, but seemingly are accepted. Maybe not in the same way the rest of the group is, but you certainly have a purpose in the group, and will certainly fit in as long as you are interested in helping to develop the group and not just using it as a stepping stone, which I am sure you are not. Very interesting reading and has some depth.

    I think too, that the fourth line, while this is not customary, is a little better than the second, in this case because it has a correspondence with the first line, whereas the second has no correspondence with the ruler.

    Seems to be a very good reading, and is quite clear. And you have done an exceptional job of deciphering it. I am convinced that the I Ching is always right, but our ability to interpret it correctly is often lacking. But here I think you have a good grasp.

    Good luck with the new new group and the cello music I thought was quite good.

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