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A tied-up bag

A tied-up bag


‘What do I need to know as I prepare to finish this book and send it out into the world?’

Answer: Hexagram 2, Earth, changing at lines 4 and 6 to 35, Advancing:

changing to

As Kat and I discussed this one in this latest podcast episode, we mentioned…

…and also the ancient form of a couple of words from the text: shi, ‘power’, as in the Image of Hexagram 2 –

‘Power of the land: Earth.
A noble one, with generous character, carries all the beings.’

– has two components: ‘strength’, and this one, which is purely phonetic, showing a human figure about to plant a seedling:

And then we also talked about yu, ‘praise’ – you can see early forms of that one here.

Enjoy the episode! (And if you’d like to share a reading of your own on a future episode, you can book a reading here.)

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