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Stephen Karcher: I Ching, the Symbolic Life

Stephen Karcher’s latest book, I Ching – the Symbolic Life – is a self-published work. The advantage of this: he’s been able to create and illustrate the book he wanted, in colour, with no corners cut. The disadvantage: the price is a little scary. I ordered my copy from the US, which turned out to… Continue Reading

Total Yijing software for Vista

================================= Update! ‘Total Yijing’ is no longer available – but if you’re looking for I Ching journal software try the Resonance Journal =================================   Good news! The Total Yijing software is (finally) available in a Vista-compatible form. I’ve downloaded, installed and upgraded and it’s running smoothly. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest buying this one if what… Continue Reading

Book review: Jessica Morrell, Writer’s I Ching

Jessica Morrell is the author of several books on writing, and here she’s branched out to create an I Ching for writers, specifically applying its imagery to their concerns. The book’s first few short chapters are introductory material. In a nutshell, this contains much insight into divination, interspersed with the occasional factual muddle (like the… Continue Reading

EclecticEnergies YiJing

Ewald Berkers’ YiJing translation is available for download in pdf format. It’s worth having. I’d recommend you buy your own copy. ~~~ Now that’s a review in Ewald-style: succinct, straightforward, conveying the main point with enviable clarity. But since I’m naturally a wordier animal than he is, I’ll write a little more… The book begins… Continue Reading

The Chameleon Book

When did you last encounter a Yijing translation where the introduction engendered such curiosity that you were itching to read it through? Quite. I’m sure this isn’t supposed to happen, but with the Chameleon Book, Freeman Crouch’s translation, I find it does. He reads the Yijing as a historical document, but goes beyond the relatively-familiar… Continue Reading

Stephen Karcher: Shuogua

The Shuogua, ‘explanation of the gua’, is the Yijing’s 8th Wing. It’s in three parts: the first is an origin story of how the sages made the Yi from first principles; the remaining two describe the characteristics of the individual trigrams. You’ll occasionally find references to these characteristics in Wilhelm’s Book III interpretations – if… Continue Reading

Thoughts on Wilhelm/Baynes

Someone wrote to ask what I think of the Wilhelm/Baynes translation. I have mixed feelings about it. For a lot of people, I know, asking ‘what do you think of Wilhelm/Baynes?’ is much the same as asking, ‘What do you think of the Bible?’ This is the edition the great majority of Yi-users grew up… Continue Reading

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