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As you see – the new blog version of ‘Answers’ is underway! and for once, I’ve actually got something done sooner than I expected.

Well, I’m impressed with myself, anyway 😉

I Ching Landscape

I Ching Articles by Danny Van den Berghe. In the latest pdf file downloadable from here, I Ching Landscape, Danny not only describes the contours of the King Wen sequence in terms of the trigrams, but also maps this onto a Chinese landscape: specific rivers, lakes, and the Taishan mountain… Read more »I Ching Landscape

Help Joan Bunning

You may know Joan Bunning as the author of a very generous free tarot course. This page is her appeal for sponsorship: she’s running her first marathon to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, as her husband has just recently been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Light on 56, line 1

Every once in a while there’s a Yijing line that brings a quotation to mind, or a quotation that brings a line to mind, and suddenly comprehension bursts in. It just found its way in for me, to a quartet of lines. Hexagram 56, line 1: ‘The wanderer: fragments and… Read more »Light on 56, line 1