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Wait or Argue?

Here – http://i-ching-news.blogspot.com/2011/06/two-different-approaches.html – is a lovely post from Cesca, talking about hexagrams 5 and 6, Waiting and Arguing, as a pair. She describes them succinctly as ‘two very different ways of dealing with a situation that isn’t going in the way you would prefer.’ This – at least for me when I’m in full… Continue Reading

Honouring guests

Hexagram 5, Waiting or Attending, ends at the 6th line with ‘Entering into the cave There are uninvited guests, Three people come. Honouring them, in the end good fortune.’ So on the one hand the waiting is almost finished – instead of going out and crossing the river to show your readiness to welcome what… Continue Reading

Beautiful readings

A search for I Ching things brought me to this blog post. Profound questions, beautiful readings; I can’t describe the blog as a whole. Continue Reading

Still reading with hexagram eyes

Watching TV gives you square eyes, so I’ve been told. Living with Yi gives you that much stranger phenomenon, hexagram eyes. You see little subtle reflections of ideas from the Yijing everywhere. My reading for this year begins with Hexagram 5, so I’m especially attuned to anything that talks about qualities of waiting, expecting and… Continue Reading

Hexagram 5: Waiting and Intending

Yesterday was my birthday, and – as I always do – I cast a reading asking for guidance for the coming year. I’d just spent a couple of days reviewing the previous year: the plans I’d had, goals I’d set… and forgotten all about, or missed utterly… . It wasn’t exactly heartening (and nor was… Continue Reading

Hexagram 5: Waiting

También disponible en español In the context of readings, this sometimes turns out to be one of Yi’s more humorous responses. Just a few days ago I asked what changing to a well-known autoresponder service would bring my business, and received 5.5 to 11. So I went ahead and signed up, only to find I’d… Continue Reading

Another question for the I Ching

It occurs to me that back in an agrarian society, every ordinary activity would have its ritual place in the bigger scheme of things. Ploughing, sowing, harvesting, storing and ripening – these things have so much latent meaning that we still use them as part of our daily language even now. (Projects ‘break new ground’,… Continue Reading

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