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Seeing the Great Person (a story)

Seeing the Great Person (a story)

‘See the great person’ (or ‘great people’) is one of the Yijing’s recurrent phrases: in Hexagram 1, lines 2 and 5, in the oracle texts of hexagrams 6, 39, 45, 46 and 57, and in 39, line 6. (There’s also just ‘great person’ – without the advice to see them – in 12.2.5, 47, and… Continue Reading

Contrasts of Hexagram 6

También disponible en español Hexagram 6 is called Conflict, or Arguing; its name also means bringing to court and calling for justice. Fittingly enough, it’s best understood through contrasts and oppositions. The authors of the oracle seem to have thought so, too: its Oracle is laid out as a series of contrasts: ‘Arguing. There is… Continue Reading

Two-line changes

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series Two-line relationships

If you’ve been working with Yi for a while, you’re probably familiar with the idea of looking at the hexagram each individual moving line would change to on its own, to give you a better context to understand its meaning. You might have heard them referred to as zhi gua, or (by Stephen Karcher) as… Continue Reading

Casting the Vessel, so… (part 2)

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Casting the Vessel

I’ve been looking at the patterns that take shape within the ‘container’ formed by hexagrams 3 and 50, and wondering what they might mean. Here’s a bit more wondering. It looks as though hexagrams 3 and 50, living energies and vessel, form a mould, within which an individual life (or culture, or way of living)… Continue Reading

Wait or Argue?

Here – http://i-ching-news.blogspot.com/2011/06/two-different-approaches.html – is a lovely post from Cesca, talking about hexagrams 5 and 6, Waiting and Arguing, as a pair. She describes them succinctly as ‘two very different ways of dealing with a situation that isn’t going in the way you would prefer.’ This – at least for me when I’m in full… Continue Reading

Hexagram 6 and the Geography of Thought

In The Geography of Thought – a fascinating book about the differences between modern Eastern and Western ways of thought – I learned that, “The combative, rhetorical form is … absent from Asian law. In Asia the law does not consist, as it does in the West for the most part, of a contest between… Continue Reading

Eating ancient de?

That’s how the third line of Hexagram 6, Arguing, begins: ‘Eating ancient de. Constancy: danger. In the end, good fortune. Maybe following king’s business, No accomplishment.’ It’s unusual for Yi to talk in abstract imagery in this way – eating not food, but de. De, as in Daodejing, is virtue, but also power, charisma and… Continue Reading

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