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Hexagram 6 and the Geography of Thought

In The Geography of Thought – a fascinating book about the differences between modern Eastern and Western ways of thought – I learned that, “The combative, rhetorical form is … absent from Asian law. In Asia the law does not consist, as it does in the West for the most part, of a contest between… Continue Reading

Eating ancient de?

That’s how the third line of Hexagram 6, Arguing, begins: ‘Eating ancient de. Constancy: danger. In the end, good fortune. Maybe following king’s business, No accomplishment.’ It’s unusual for Yi to talk in abstract imagery in this way – eating not food, but de. De, as in Daodejing, is virtue, but also power, charisma and… Continue Reading

Not embroiled in conflict

Hexagram 25, Not Entangled, changing in the first two lines to give Hexagram 6, Arguing Continue Reading

The Fourth Insight and Hexagram 6

It’s a pervasive character, this I Ching – its way of thinking gets everywhere. Nowadays I find that given a book and a pencil, I’ll be jotting hexagrams in the margins to remind myself of the main ideas. Here’s one that brings out the pencil – the Fourth Insight from James Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy: “The… Continue Reading

More trigrams in the sequence (hexagrams 6, 7 and 8)

Last time I splashed out on books I bought not just the shiny new Ritsema/Sabbadini, but also Sarah Allan’s The Shape of the Turtle. And I am enjoying it no end. She writes about Shang myth, but there are many, many resonances in the Zhouyi. But finding one with the trigrams – much younger than… Continue Reading

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