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What’s wrong with carting corpses, anyway?

What’s wrong with carting corpses, anyway?
This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Two-line relationships

Simple Two lines in Hexagram 7, the Army, talk about carting corpses: line 3: ‘Perhaps the army carts corpses.Pitfall.’ and line 5: ‘The fields have gameFruitful to speak of capture:No mistake.When the elder son leads the army,And younger son carts corpses:Constancy, pitfall.’ The core meaning is surely intuitively obvious: an army with cartloads of corpses… Continue Reading

Myth and legend in hexagrams

Myth and legend in hexagrams

Why look for the stories behind the hexagrams? To start with something uncontentious: the people who wrote the Yi had wisdom and intelligence (as well as mind-boggling genius), and were well-informed, and had good reasons for their choices. One of the things they appear to have been well-informed about is their culture’s myth, legend and… Continue Reading


Here’s a post I should have made yesterday morning, when I cast my usual playing-in-the-sandbox readings for the Wimbledon finalists. Then I could have made a prediction and invited you to do the same, and… let’s face it, if I tried to cast readings with public predictions in mind, Yi would make me look a… Continue Reading

Casting the Vessel, so… (part 2)

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Casting the Vessel

I’ve been looking at the patterns that take shape within the ‘container’ formed by hexagrams 3 and 50, and wondering what they might mean. Here’s a bit more wondering. It looks as though hexagrams 3 and 50, living energies and vessel, form a mould, within which an individual life (or culture, or way of living)… Continue Reading

Camped on the left

…or ‘Where did Hilary go?’ Well… I sit myself down in front of a task and my brain goes on strike. It’s got quite radical about it: ‘Sit and stare at the screen all you like,’ it says, ‘but if you think anything useful is getting done here, you’ve got another think coming. Or you… Continue Reading

Note to self re-hexagram 7

… when it says ‘mature people, good fortune,’ substituting ‘hyper-caffeinated headless chicken’ actually doesn’t work. As you probably know, I’m running an I Ching Class from April through June. Getting everything ready for this – the technical stuff, the class notes and reference materials, the private forum, the ways for us to work together on… Continue Reading


intuition is an immediate perception. Analysis brings you to a conclusion step by step; intuition happens straight away. I Ching interpretation involves a mixture of intuition and analysis (which in turn creates more food for the intuition), but it all hangs on a single moment of intuition, when you perceive the connection between question and answer. Continue Reading

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