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Yu the Great

Gradually nearing the high plateau

Hexagram 53, Gradual Progress, has two lines about the high plateau: ‘The wild geese gradually progress to the high plateau.The husband marches out and does not return,The wife is pregnant, but does not raise the child.Pitfall.Fruitful to resist robbers.’ Hexagram 53, line 3 ‘Wild geese gradually progress to the high… Read more »Gradually nearing the high plateau

Chinese bronze chariot

Where to go?

‘Where to go?’ was Lilian’s reading for this episode of the podcast; Yi answered with Hexagram 47, Confining, changing at lines 2 and 4 to 8, Seeking Union – changing to – which is a lovely example of Yi answering the person even when I couldn’t quite see how it… Read more »Where to go?

waterfalls flowing together

Seeking union and belonging

A listener’s reading for this episode of the I Ching with Clarity podcast: Vidia asked, ‘How can I move forward and be of service?’ Yi answered with Hexagram 8, Seeking Union, with no changing lines – a beautifully simple answer that gave us the opportunity for a deep dive into… Read more »Seeking union and belonging

fou vessel

Three pots

Introducing the 缶 fou jar Here’s another character that occurs just three times in the Yijing: fou 缶. This is a vessel for holding liquids, something like an amphora, with a narrow neck and large body. It’s originally a pottery jar – that’s the first meaning of the character –… Read more »Three pots

Readings for restarting the podcast

I’m sharing two ‘behind the scenes’ readings of my own in this one – encouragement from Yi that nudged me along the path towards relaunching the podcast. The questions: ‘What about restarting the podcast soon?’and‘How about this idea of a podcast solely of readings?’ There’s also a lovely example of… Read more »Readings for restarting the podcast

swan in a flock of ducks

The non-people of Hexagram 8

Some 15 years ago, I wrote on this blog about the non-people of Hexagram 12. ‘Blocking it, non-people.Noble one’s constancy bears no fruit.Great goes, small comes.’ Hexagram 12, the Oracle Back then, I emphasised how the idea of ‘non-people’ (fei ren, 匪人) could mean labelling people and sticking them in… Read more »The non-people of Hexagram 8