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Experiencing synchronicity

I was just reading this post by Hollis Polk, ‘Does synchronicity have a structure?’ She’s just experienced a truly uncanny sequence of synchronicities, all in support of her new teleclass. They leave her wondering, “I’d like to believe that it was my clear intention to do this class  for free, and the universe supporting that choice,… Continue Reading

Yi on the Secret

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past few months, you’ve probably heard of the Secret, and maybe gathered that it’s a creatively-marketed way of presenting the ‘Law of Attraction’. The basic idea is that whereas ‘common sense’ says that stuff happens to us, and that makes us feel certain ways and believe certain… Continue Reading

Book of Change

The I Ching is the Book of Change. So when there is a change I very much want to make, but somehow haven’t managed yet, why not call on the oracle’s help? The most obvious way to do this is to ask directly ‘How to…?’ – and I’ve discovered many good strategies with ‘how to’… Continue Reading

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