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A shared dao of 21 and 48

Complementary hexagrams are paradoxical things. On the one hand, there is no hexagram more different from 21, Biting Through than 48, the Well: Every line is changed, so they have nothing in common. If it’s time to bite through, then it is exactly not time for well-maintenance. And on the other hand, this means that complementary… Continue Reading

A reading for Jennifer

Another example reading for you, this one for Jennifer Louden, whom I just introduced. I’m reading for as many of the Festival of Change speakers before the event as would like to be read for – obviously, not everyone has something share-able going on that calls for a reading. But Jen does… she’s moved by… Continue Reading

Yi says: do your homework!

Someone should make a collection of Yi’s many and various ways of saying, ‘Get a grip.’ My site needs redesigning – so you can find what you’re looking for more easily, so I can add more things for sale and you can find those, too, and so on. I’ve decided that this time, I’ll employ… Continue Reading

Yi’s recommended reading

I dropped into Oxford today on the way home from a friend’s, and found my way into Blackwell’s – the university bookshop. And down to the Chinese history section, where I came across an intimidating-looking tome called To become a god: cosmology, sacrifice and self-divinisation in Early China. And with about 7 minutes to closing time, took it over to the desk to find out what it cost. £17. Hmmm. On the one hand the chapter headings are fascinating: ‘Transforming the spirits: sacrifice in the Shang’; ‘A moral cosmos: Zhou sacrifice and the Mandate of Heaven’; ‘Spirits within humans: the issue of shamanism in early China and early Greece.’ On the other hand, these are 300 very dense and scholarly pages, and what are my chances of getting through them without getting lost? Continue Reading

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