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The ‘character’ hexagrams

The ‘character’ hexagrams
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In Part II, chapter 7 of the Great Treatise (Dazhuan), nine hexagrams are singled out. The authors of the Yi, it says, knew sorrow and disasters (or, specifically, they worried about disasters), and therefore… and it goes on to list the qualities of these nine hexagrams. You can read the whole passage here, in Legge’s… Continue Reading

Turning points

Someone, some day, really is going to have to write a huge Yi book that not only describes individual moving lines with their zhi gua in mind – for example, writing about 27.6 with 24 in mind – but also describes groups of moving lines with their zhi gua in mind. They will need to be… Continue Reading

Beautiful readings

A search for I Ching things brought me to this blog post. Profound questions, beautiful readings; I can’t describe the blog as a whole. Continue Reading

Daoism on winter

Here’s a lovely article by Michelle Wood on Hexagram 24 and Winter Solstice – capturing the quality of the time. Continue Reading

Trigrams in the sequence from 24 to 25

Hexagram 24, Returning, is made up of the trigrams for thunder within the earth: Hexagram 25, Without Entanglement, has thunder below earth’s complement, heaven: Thunder is the vital spark, often human will and initiative. In a time of Returning, the wise old kings would ‘close the gates. Itinerant merchants did not travel, and the prince… Continue Reading

I Ching Community: Divining or creating reality?

John Burke wrote in a blog comment: Recently I made this inquiry: ‘How should one balance divining reality with creating reality?’ I received 22 changing to 24. Any thoughts? I thought the I Ching Community was the best place to look for good thoughts, and started a thread. And sure enough… I Ching Community Discussion… Continue Reading

I Ching webinar news – and some readings of my own

The short version, in case you don’t have eight minutes to listen to the audio: we had an informal webinar sharing readings; it was a success; people enjoyed it. I’ll be running more of these, and they’ll still be free. And if you want to be sure of hearing about them in advance, make sure your email address is on the notification list by sending a blank email to gatherings at onlineClarity.co.uk. (Replace the ‘at’ with ‘@’ and miss out the spaces, of course.)

Click the ‘play’ button below for the longer version, where I talk about a couple of I Ching readings I did about this. Continue Reading

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