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Yuan heng li zhen

Hexagram 1 says yuan heng li zhen – from the source, creating success, constancy bears fruit. Hexagram 2 says yuan heng li pinma zhi zhen – from the source, creating success, a mare’s constancy bears fruit The remaining hexagrams can be seen as ‘children’ of these two – 62 ways of blending their natures – and most… Continue Reading

Shadow hexagrams revisited

Four years ago 😯 , I posted about my first encounters with shadow hexagrams. And last week I was reminded of them again when a friend asked me to look at his connected-hexagrams-generating script that included Ideal and Shadow, along with many more of the creations from Stephen Karcher’s divination-laboratory. (The Shadow – quick recap,… Continue Reading

Casting the Vessel

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Casting the Vessel

Warning: this post is pure, unadulterated gleeful Yeekery. I’ve been reading about how the ancient Chinese bronze vessels were made. Here’s a fascinating pdf on the subject (right click and choose ‘save as’ to download), with images of the finished vessels and also the moulds used in the casting, and diagrams showing the whole process.… Continue Reading

Yi and times of crisis

I see I have made no posts here for over a month. Eep. Why? Erm, let me give you the short version. My Mum-in-law was admitted to hospital as an emergency (this is not the same admission I wrote about before). That was all very intense and dramatic… and it was not the hard part.… Continue Reading

More steps when stuck

I was writing on Saturday about a reading kindly shared by Eric Bryant of I Ching Insights (‘petrosianii‘ here at Clarity). He asked about the effect of purchasing some nicotine-free cigarettes as an aid to giving up smoking; he received first Hexagram 25 moving to 41, and then Hexagram 37 unchanging. I’ve ‘adopted’ Eric’s reading… Continue Reading

Steps when stuck

Over at his ‘I Ching Insights‘ blog, Eric Bryant’s doing sterling work writing up the whole process of a reading: formulating the question, and interpreting the answer. And in the process, he’s run into an experience that’s pretty familiar to anyone who’s ever talked with the oracle: he’s got stuck on the interpretation. I’m really… Continue Reading

The nomads gain

Hexagram 25, line 3:

‘The calamity of Without Entanglement.
Someone tethered a cow.
Nomads’ gain,
City people’s calamity.’ Continue Reading

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