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Not embroiled in conflict

Hexagram 25, Not Entangled, changing in the first two lines to give Hexagram 6, Arguing Continue Reading

How not to make an ass of yourself (by Yi)

Just another little personal reading story. Back on 2nd Feb, I ordered the latest Glyphius software from James Brausch. I wasn’t sure whether or not to go ahead and buy, but when I asked Yi about the effect of using it I received Hexagram 2, line 2. ‘Straight, square, great. No repeating, nothing that does… Continue Reading

Good advice on Hexagram 25

The I Ching Community has been a bit quiet of late, since I had to turn off email notification to stop it frying the server (see this page). But here is some good advice from Yi about a difficult, ‘entangling’ experience:I Ching Community Discussion Forum: A difficult situation Continue Reading

Trigrams in the sequence from 24 to 25

Hexagram 24, Returning, is made up of the trigrams for thunder within the earth: Hexagram 25, Without Entanglement, has thunder below earth’s complement, heaven: Thunder is the vital spark, often human will and initiative. In a time of Returning, the wise old kings would ‘close the gates. Itinerant merchants did not travel, and the prince… Continue Reading

Staying at line 3

I was working on a reading for a client. And the gist of the answer was unmissable: what she’s asking about is a very good idea. I didn’t understand why it is, though – it’s hard to connect these particular positive images with her question or her situation – and I do like to do more than provide just the ‘good idea’/’bad idea’ reading. The oracle does more than that, after all, so I’d feel I was letting people down if I didn’t go deeper. Continue Reading

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