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‘Character’ hexagrams: Lasting, Decrease, Increase

‘Character’ hexagrams: Lasting, Decrease, Increase
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Here are the next three ‘character’ hexagrams… 32, Lasting Lasting is de‘s steadfastness. It means [encountering] miscellany and not [feeling] disgust. It provides for a single de. As you can see from the [square brackets], I haven’t quite managed to find English equivalents to the Chinese words for this one. Here are three versions of… Continue Reading

Marriage and Mandate

As I’ve probably mentioned from time to time, I’m working on an enlarged and improved version of the Words of Change Yijing glossary, to be included as part of the upcoming journal software. This gives me the perfect excuse for lots of completely engrossing research and exploration into Yi, while poor old Justin is solving… Continue Reading


For some reason, working through the lines of hexagram 32 recently took much longer than any other hexagram had done… 😉 I did find, looking through threads about it at the forum, that other people find it hard, too. Especially, it’s puzzling how a hexagram that describes something essentially positive can have such a scary… Continue Reading

Annual readings

With the turning of the Chinese Year, more people are contemplating their annual I Ching reading. Over at ‘A touch of Ancients’, Allan Lian has written about the synchronicities that accompanied his reading for last year. He’s pausing at the change of year to look back as well as forward through the eyes of the… Continue Reading

Life lessons from Yi

This is one of those embarrassing experiences with Yi, but I wanted to share it all the same. It’s a very clear example of the difference a question – and the thought behind the question – can make. There’s this course I’m thinking of taking. I like the look of it, I like what it… Continue Reading

I Ching and tarot together

Something I just tried, that seems to work quite well: putting a question to Yi, reflecting on the answer – and drawing a single tarot card as a cue – or a clue – to ways to think about it. Asking what I needed to reflect on about helping more people to connect with Yi,… Continue Reading

Hexagram 32 and Laozi

I first learned from Nina Correa of Your Dao De Jing that in the first lines of the Daodejing –

‘The dao that can be told of is not the constant dao,
The name that can be named is not the constant name’

– the word ‘constant’ in the Mawangdui version is heng – the name of Hexagram 32. Continue Reading

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