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Portrait of a relationship

Portrait of a relationship

A reading for an I Ching Community member, Honey, aka MeltingPot247, with four moving lines full of darkness and warnings –

What do I need to know about this relationship as it is now?

The answer: Hexagram 32, Lasting, changing at lines 1, 3 4 and 6 to 41, Decrease.

changing to

There’s a lot to listen to, here: how Honey’s experiencing the tension between the two hexagrams, the realities of Lasting and her need for Decrease; how she recognises each moving line (especially line 6, which was much clearer to her than it was to me!); how the Steps of Change help her to ‘find herself’ at each stage; how an overall picture comes together.

In the reading, I mention the Chinese characters for the names of the two hexagrams. You can see them both and read more about them at LiSe Heyboer’s website: Heng, Lasting and Sun, Decrease.

And if you’d like more information about Change Circle, Clarity’s core membership, here you go.

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