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Who is the ‘superior man’?

Who is the ‘superior man’?

The person who emailed me this question found the expression ‘superior man’ quite off-putting. I can see why: arranging half of humanity into superiors and inferiors, inviting the reader to identify not just as a good person but as someone better than the rest… none of this feels sympathetic to me, either. And, I would argue,… Continue Reading

Multiple moving lines, revisited

Multiple moving lines, revisited

It’s a common source of confusion and frustration with I Ching readings: ‘My answer has multiple moving lines, and they contradict one another. How am I supposed to make sense of this?’ Here’s an article to help you with that. Why ‘revisited’? Many years ago now, I wrote a rambling overview of ways people consider… Continue Reading

Book of (very big) stories

Book of (very big) stories
This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Book of Stories

The fourth kind of Yijing story I mentioned when I first called it a ‘Book of Stories’ was the huge narrative arcs of the Sequence – ‘you are here’ on the grand scale. Which is an easy bullet-point to write, but not so easy to expand on. Also, I’m no longer entirely sure that ‘narrative’ is… Continue Reading

The noble one’s story

Where you find the noble one We mostly come across the junzi, the ‘noble one’, in the Image Wing of the Yi. But he also features in many oracles and lines of the original text. Here’s the whole list: 1.3, 2.0, 3.3, 9.6, 12.0, 13.0, 15.0, 15.1, 15.3, 20.1, 20.5, 20.6, 23.6, 33.4, 34.3, 36.1,… Continue Reading

A reading for Pamela

Some background to this… Pamela Moss is one of the speakers for Festival of Change; I asked her to talk about integration, carrying change through in practice, as I happen to know she’s Very Good At This, and she said ‘yes’, and I danced round the room a bit, in a reserved, English sort of… Continue Reading

Hexagram 34: Great Vigour

Hexagram 34 is Great Vigour – or Power, or Strength. The old character shows a scholar, or an impressive man, and half the character for ‘tree’. It means robust, powerful, in the prime of life. Combined with the character for ‘great’ – a man standing straight – this gives a powerful impression of virile strength… Continue Reading

Hexagram 14, line 6

Hexagram 14, line 6 was part of my reading for the week. It hasn’t been a great week, and I’ve been using my reading not only for its advice, but also as a reminder, a kind of talisman. Waiting for the pharmacist to make up my Mum’s prescription, I went outside and found a good… Continue Reading

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