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Hexagram 36: Hidden Pheasant?

Hexagram 36, Brightness Hiding, might be one of the easiest to connect with. Isn’t there a story in the Sorrells’ I Ching Made Easy of someone in an abusive relationship who received Hexagram 36 and broke down in tears of recognition and relief when she heard the story of Ji… Read more »Hexagram 36: Hidden Pheasant?

An outsider seeking nourishment

Here’s the 30th episode of the I Ching with Clarity podcast – a short one, this time, with a reading of my own. I asked for an auspice or advice for joining a new orchestra, and received Hexagram 38, Opposing, changing at lines 2 and 4 to 27, Nourishment: changing… Read more »An outsider seeking nourishment

calendar day view

Three days

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Periods of time

Here’s another period of time mentioned three times in the Yijing: ‘Corruption. Creating success from the source.Fruitful to cross the great river.Before the seed day, three days. After the seed day, three days.’ ‘Brightness hidden, flying away,His wings hanging down.The noble one is on the move,For three days, eats nothing,Has… Read more »Three days

cross section of bedrock and earth

Hexagram 15 as relating hexagram

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Relating hexagrams

A Change Circle member recently mentioned getting a whole series of readings with 15 as relating hexagram, so I thought I’d dig in and explore how it works there, as the background to a reading… Integrity, humility… The name of Hexagram 15, qian 謙, means humility – or perhaps integrity,… Read more »Hexagram 15 as relating hexagram

Mirror reflecting a window

Reflecting stories

How lucky we are that scholars have dug out some of the ancient stories ‘behind’ the Yijing – stories its authors would have known naturally, but that can require some real ingenuity to ferret out nowadays. Hexagrams 55 and 56, Abundance and the Traveller Hexagram 55 is Abundance, and Abundance,… Read more »Reflecting stories

1867 illustration of horses fording the Volga

Lines in conversation

This entry is part 8 of 9 in the series Hidden gems

The Yijing’s changing line texts are in conversation with the hexagrams created by each change. But they can also have quiet exchanges with their fan yao, the ‘reverse line’ that travels in the opposite direction. For instance, 11.2 changes to 36, and in reverse, 36.2 changes to 11: 11.2 and… Read more »Lines in conversation