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Accidental Yijing commentaries

These are something I can’t write – I can’t help seeing the world through ‘hexagram glasses’ – but I love coming across them: articles about other things that just happen to be really excellent hexagram commentaries. Havi Brooks has been writing some very nice inadvertent Yijing things lately, even to the point of accidentally writing… Continue Reading

Hexagram 36, Brightness Hiding

The name of Hexagram 36, ming yi, is translated as ‘brightness hidden’ or ‘brightness wounded’. The two ideas blend together in readings: the light is hidden away to escape the danger of injury. The wealth of layers of association in this hexagram hint at a complex relationship of light and dark. ‘Yi’, ‘hidden’ or ‘wounded’,… Continue Reading

New Year reading moving lines

I asked Yi what a New Year is, and learned that it’s ‘Sprouting’s Brightness Hidden’ – fertile creative potential, shrouded or maybe cocooned in darkness. And specifically, a New Year is like, ‘Pursuing a stag with no forester, Simply entering into the centre of the forest. A noble one reads the subtle signs and sets… Continue Reading

What is New Year?

It’s the New Year. There are resolutions, fresh intentions, and a sense of finishing off one ‘segment’ of life and starting a new one. And my Inbox is filled fit to burst with offers, every one of which is the only thing I must have to ensure that 2008 is a success. I’m as encouraged… Continue Reading

I Ching webinar news – and some readings of my own

The short version, in case you don’t have eight minutes to listen to the audio: we had an informal webinar sharing readings; it was a success; people enjoyed it. I’ll be running more of these, and they’ll still be free. And if you want to be sure of hearing about them in advance, make sure your email address is on the notification list by sending a blank email to gatherings at onlineClarity.co.uk. (Replace the ‘at’ with ‘@’ and miss out the spaces, of course.)

Click the ‘play’ button below for the longer version, where I talk about a couple of I Ching readings I did about this. Continue Reading

Hexagram 36 as a Daoist strategy

Hexagram 36, Brightness Hiding or Brightness Injured, can certainly be a danger-signal in a reading: hide your light, risk of injury ahead. But it is also a postive strategy, as this Deng Ming-Dao quotation from Donna Woodka’s Changing Places blog shows. (One to subscribe to, I think.) It also shows very naturally how Release, hexagram… Continue Reading

Yi playing ball

Since I first started working with Yi, I’ve enjoyed asking about the outcome of tennis matches. The dual between individuals, as much psychological as technical – it’s something very natural to divine about, and the outcomes teach me a lot about the hexagrams involved.

You may know my husband doesn’t believe in the efficacy of divination. So of course I had to mention to him how accurately I could call a tennis match, didn’t I? Continue Reading

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