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Hexagram 37, People in the Home

Hexagram 37, People in the Home

Its name and nature The name of Hexagram 37 is simply 家人, jiaren, ‘Home People’ – which also means the members of a family. Here’s the old form of the character – – where you can see that a ‘home’ is an animal – a pig – under a roof. Home is where the pig is; it’s… Continue Reading

The noises of Hexagram 37, line 3

The noises of Hexagram 37, line 3

Line 3 of Hexagram 37, People in the Home, is full of noise and emotion: ‘People in the home scold and scold, Regrets, danger: good fortune. Wife and child giggle and giggle. In the end, shame.’ What’s the story behind this? Traditional interpretation… Read any traditional translation – Wilhelm/Baynes, Lynn, or Tuck Chang – and… Continue Reading

Nuclear families of 37 and 38

Nuclear families of 37 and 38

Back in 2007, I wrote about the nuclear family of Hexagram 37, People in the Home. That’s the four hexagrams that contain 37 as a nuclear, coiled in potential within their inner lines. If you unpack lines 2,3,4 and 3,4,5 from any of these hexagrams –        – you see Hexagram 37: I’ve just been looking… Continue Reading

Accidental Yijing commentaries

These are something I can’t write – I can’t help seeing the world through ‘hexagram glasses’ – but I love coming across them: articles about other things that just happen to be really excellent hexagram commentaries. Havi Brooks has been writing some very nice inadvertent Yijing things lately, even to the point of accidentally writing… Continue Reading

More steps when stuck

I was writing on Saturday about a reading kindly shared by Eric Bryant of I Ching Insights (‘petrosianii‘ here at Clarity). He asked about the effect of purchasing some nicotine-free cigarettes as an aid to giving up smoking; he received first Hexagram 25 moving to 41, and then Hexagram 37 unchanging. I’ve ‘adopted’ Eric’s reading… Continue Reading

Steps when stuck

Over at his ‘I Ching Insights‘ blog, Eric Bryant’s doing sterling work writing up the whole process of a reading: formulating the question, and interpreting the answer. And in the process, he’s run into an experience that’s pretty familiar to anyone who’s ever talked with the oracle: he’s got stuck on the interpretation. I’m really… Continue Reading

Constancy of the woman

One of the things we Westerners need to learn when divining with the Yijing is a certain flexibility about gender. Women need to be able to identify with a series of male kings and heroes (Kings Wen and Wu, Yu the Great, King Hai…), to say nothing of finding a peaceful co-existence with the popular… Continue Reading

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