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Not robbers, but marital allies

Not robbers, but marital allies

Things that come in threes One of many things about Yi that I first became aware of when Scott Davis pointed it out: there’s a tendency for motifs to occur three times. (He gives the example of whether words are trusted – not in 43.4, not in 47 – not until 49.3, when words of… Continue Reading

Nourished by synchronicity: 38 zhi 27

Nourished by synchronicity: 38 zhi 27

The relating hexagram, the one revealed by the moving line changes, can show the aspect or quality of the cast hexagram embodied in those lines. One way to imagine this is to say to yourself, ‘The reading shows how [primary hexagram] might do [relating hexagram].’ That works well in readings, because the relating hexagram typically represents… Continue Reading

Nuclear families of 37 and 38

Nuclear families of 37 and 38

Back in 2007, I wrote about the nuclear family of Hexagram 37, People in the Home. That’s the four hexagrams that contain 37 as a nuclear, coiled in potential within their inner lines. If you unpack lines 2,3,4 and 3,4,5 from any of these hexagrams –        – you see Hexagram 37: I’ve just been looking… Continue Reading

Danger – good fortune?

I’m just coming to the end of the ‘omens’ section as I revise and enlarge ‘Words of Change’, my Yijing glossary. This involves testing out ideas by looking at every instance of each omen, along with all the example readings I can find. Since I’m going into more detail this time around, I’ve been looking more… Continue Reading

Two-line changes

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series Two-line relationships

If you’ve been working with Yi for a while, you’re probably familiar with the idea of looking at the hexagram each individual moving line would change to on its own, to give you a better context to understand its meaning. You might have heard them referred to as zhi gua, or (by Stephen Karcher) as… Continue Reading

In the pot

Well… Bradford came over to the UK from the States to see Cesca, and while he was here we got together and went over to Holland to see LiSe (and connect up with Harmen, too). And this was brilliant in many, many ways. I want to share the reading I did for the trip, as… Continue Reading

Hexagram 38 and bag ladies

I always enjoy finding someone writing about hexagrams without knowing it. Here is Zoë of ‘Essential Prose’ writing about Hexagram 38, Opposing. The way she is, in fact, talking about Hexagram 38 really leaps from the page: “…the things we dismiss or reject because they don’t fit inside our perception of how things work. Maybe we… Continue Reading

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