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Taking a decision with Yi’s help

Taking a decision with Yi’s help

The background Early this year, I told people that I’d be running a Yijing Foundations Class in May. Not just the course, which is always available in a self-study version, but an online class with weekly video sessions, a private forum, and lots of individual help and opportunities to practise readings. And then it dawned… Continue Reading

Seeing the Great Person (a story)

Seeing the Great Person (a story)

‘See the great person’ (or ‘great people’) is one of the Yijing’s recurrent phrases: in Hexagram 1, lines 2 and 5, in the oracle texts of hexagrams 6, 39, 45, 46 and 57, and in 39, line 6. (There’s also just ‘great person’ – without the advice to see them – in 12.2.5, 47, and… Continue Reading

Yi and times of crisis

I see I have made no posts here for over a month. Eep. Why? Erm, let me give you the short version. My Mum-in-law was admitted to hospital as an emergency (this is not the same admission I wrote about before). That was all very intense and dramatic… and it was not the hard part.… Continue Reading

Turnaround in Hexagram 39

Hexagram 39 is called ‘Difficulties’ or ‘Limping’. It describes the experience of a perpetual uphill struggle: just one thing after another, grinding on and on, battling with handicaps or with the elements or with an unforgivingly inhospitable world… …and it also describes the moment when you turn this around. I’ve told the story of Gun… Continue Reading

Upcoming redesign

I owe you a blog post, so I asked Yi what to write about. And the oracle suggests 39.3 changing to Hexagram 8: difficulty and turnaround through seeking union. This, I realised, was all about The Redesign. I’m getting my site redesigned. This – I know from the last time I undertook it, too many… Continue Reading

How I Ching readings interact

A single I Ching reading brings insight, answers questions, and reconnects you with your inner sense of direction. A series of readings does all this, and it can also multiply the effects exponentially. The connections between readings show you how the different aspects of your life relate together, and give you a steady stream of… Continue Reading

Yi makes a difference

About a month ago, I turned to Yi in complete frustration. I’d been listening to podcasts from Steve and Erin Pavlina, both talking about how enthusiastically they leapt out of bed in the early morning, eager to get to their work, because they knew their purpose in life. And I thought – this is well… Continue Reading

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