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Future hexagrams

Another question from Nancy: “What have you discovered about the validity of the I Ching’s ‘future’ hexagram anwers? I have read that it gives you a potential answers to the future and is not meant to predict the future. In most cases, I have not found the ‘future’ hexagrams to come true.” Nancy, you’re not… Continue Reading

Advantage in the Southwest

Not for the first time, someone’s written to ask me what it means that there’s ‘advantage in the southwest’ for her. So here’s a summary of one thing it means, at least – ‘The southwest’ in Yijing-language doesn’t usually mean literally the southwest. There can be the occasional exception, of course, as for instance if… Continue Reading

The story of Gun and Yu

Round about this time of year, I’ve usually given subscribers a pdf anthology of newsletter articles from the last year’s issues. Which makes some kind of sense when those articles are scattered through an archive of newsletters, but a bit less sense (I think) when you can go straight to any category of article you’re… Continue Reading

Last chance to see?

Looking up the ‘Pace of Yu’ on Google, I found a link to a fascinating-looking paper on ‘The transformations of Yu the Great in Daoist myth and ritual’. But the paper itself wasn’t available – only the html version Google had generated of it. So I suggest saving a copy of this quick, if you’re… Continue Reading

Fathers and sons in Yijing

Sketchy, impressionistic ideas, these, butI think there’s something behind them…

Looking at the mythical and legendary figures that walk the pages of the Yijing, I can’t help noticing how many pairs of fathers and sons there are. And the overarching theme seems to be the responsibility of the sons to take over their fathers’ work and either complete what they began, or redeem their failures. Continue Reading

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