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Mountain above: hexagrams 41 and 52

Mountain above: hexagrams 41 and 52
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There are just two ‘outer mountain’ hexagrams in the Upper Canon: 41, Decreasing, and 52, Stilling. Hexagram 41, Decreasing The Oracle Hexagram 41 is Sun 損: decrease, damage, harm, weakening. So the words of the oracle that define it are startling – ‘Decreasing has truth and confidence.From the source, good fortune.Not a mistake, there can… Continue Reading

Hexagram 52, Stilling

Hexagram 52, Stilling

Looking away Hexagram 52 is called gen, 艮, and so too is the trigram that’s doubled to make the hexagram. It translates as ‘looking away’: in the ancient character, you can see a reversed human figure with a great eye. Nowadays, it apparently also translates as ‘tough, hard to chew’ – something that resists. The trigram gen is… Continue Reading

Watching the tennis with Yi

… is so much more interesting than just watching the tennis. Today was the men’s final at the Wimbledon championships. Roger Federer had won for the past four years on the trot and was huge favourite to make it five in a row. And so he did, beating Rafael Nadal over five sets. Federer is… Continue Reading

Mountain, keeping still

Have you noticed how the same ideas cluster together in different cultures? Here’s the name of Hexagram 52, Keeping Still (mountain): – a human figure, standing. And here is the mountain pose. Continue Reading

Not grasping your self

This week I received Hexagram 52: ‘Keeping your back still, Not grasping your self. Moving in your rooms, Not seeing your people. Not a mistake.’ And I read in John O’Donohue’s Anam Cara: “There is no direct, permanent or public access to the divine. Each destiny has a unique curvature which must find its own… Continue Reading

I Ching for activists at GreatVessel.com

The fourth ‘Readings Panel’ reading at GreatVessel.com is one Stephen Karcher cast on behalf of a group in June 2002: “What about President Bush and his plans for a war on Iraq? What attitude or stance can we take towards this?” Yi said “Keep Still”. (Gen, hexagram 52) It’s a beautifully simple answer, especially to… Continue Reading

Staying at line 3

I was working on a reading for a client. And the gist of the answer was unmissable: what she’s asking about is a very good idea. I didn’t understand why it is, though – it’s hard to connect these particular positive images with her question or her situation – and I do like to do more than provide just the ‘good idea’/’bad idea’ reading. The oracle does more than that, after all, so I’d feel I was letting people down if I didn’t go deeper. Continue Reading

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