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Yi in 19th Century Japan

I’ve been browsing with growing fascination through the Takashima Ekidan. Published in 1893 in Tokyo, this is an English translation by Shigetake Sugiura of an original Yijing translation by Kaemon Takashima, a successful serial entrepreneur and respected diviner. (‘Eki’ is the Japanese name for the Yi, and I believe ‘dan’ means ‘monograph’.) It includes a… Continue Reading

Traffic lights are trigrams

  Wouldn’t it be nice if I broke my excruciatingly long silence here with something in-depth and profoundly meaningful? Well… too bad… On a car journey today, I noticed –   Gen, the mountain, meaning a barrier, stilling, stopping.             Kan, chasms and flowing water, danger and the unknown.  … Continue Reading

Is this a pattern?

…or am I imagining things? A brief note about this post: after someone let me know he was unsubscribing because he hadn’t been able to understand any of my posts, I’ve aimed for a mix of generally-intelligible things and pure Yeekery. Yeekery is that which is only intelligible to Yeeks; a Yeek is someone who… Continue Reading

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