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Traffic lights are trigrams


Wouldn’t it be nice if I broke my excruciatingly long silence here with something in-depth and profoundly meaningful?

Well… too bad…

On a car journey today, I noticed –

Red traffic light


::| mountain trigramGen, the mountain, meaning a barrier, stilling, stopping.






Amber traffic light


:|: kan, water trigram

Kan, chasms and flowing water, danger and the unknown.






Green traffic light


|:: thunder trigramZhen, thunder: beginning, initiative, movement.





Hm. Does this reveal the trigrams as a deep pan-cultural archetype within the human psyche?

Oh, and there was also one set of lights out of order, so that would be ::: earth trigram, kun, as in

‘…A noble one has a direction to go.
At first: confusion…’

Warning: this system should not be used as an alternative to the Highway Code. I’m reliably informed that interpreting the amber + red phase as ‘filter softly through the traffic like wind through branches’ will not help you to pass your driving test.

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  1. Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh. On the serious side, I am going to be teaching a course on the I Ching in the spring, and I will use this as an example of the infinite ways the I Ching can be interpreted.

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