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Reading structure, and why it matters

Reading structure, and why it matters

As I prepare for the Yijing Foundations Class, I’m realising there are really just two essential elements for dependable readings: being able to connect with imagery, and knowing your way round the structure of a reading. This post’s about structure. At its very simplest, a reading’s structure is just the cast hexagram, its changing lines,… Continue Reading

Taking a decision with Yi’s help

Taking a decision with Yi’s help

The background Early this year, I told people that I’d be running a Yijing Foundations Class in May. Not just the course, which is always available in a self-study version, but an online class with weekly video sessions, a private forum, and lots of individual help and opportunities to practise readings. And then it dawned… Continue Reading

Yi in 19th Century Japan

I’ve been browsing with growing fascination through the Takashima Ekidan. Published in 1893 in Tokyo, this is an English translation by Shigetake Sugiura of an original Yijing translation by Kaemon Takashima, a successful serial entrepreneur and respected diviner. (‘Eki’ is the Japanese name for the Yi, and I believe ‘dan’ means ‘monograph’.) It includes a… Continue Reading

Meeting the Yi lord

Meeting the Yi lord

Each year on my birthday, I ask Yi for guidance for the coming year. Then over the course of the year I revisit the reading, finding guidance and gleaning understanding as I go. At least, such is the theory. Last year’s reading, cast on 7th December 2015, was Hexagram 55, Abundance, changing at line 4… Continue Reading

Example reading after a dream

Since I wrote about ‘Four ways Yi works with dreams’, I’ve been on the alert for how this conversation’s working for me. Here’s an example from my journal. I’d been divining – and worrying – about how I was going to promote the journal software. I’ve never been very good at selling things, not so… Continue Reading

Steps through Hexagram 46

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Hexagram 46

Here are some thoughts on the moving line texts of Hexagram 46, Pushing Upward. I’d like to have a good dive in here – drawing on the meaning of the line position, the relationship to the zhi gua (the hexagram each line changes to) and the line pathway, along with experience, to get a feel… Continue Reading

The basic human need Yi answers, part 5: changing line 2

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series The need Yi answers: to 48

(This post is part of an absurdly long series: The basic human need that Yi answers The basic human need Yi answers, part 2: the Well The basic human need Yi answers, part 3: the change The basic human need Yi answers, part 4: changing line 1 ) Moving on to line 2: ‘Your own… Continue Reading

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