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Hexagram 51, Shock

Hexagram 51, Shock

Thunderbolt and earthquake The name of Hexagram 51, zhen 震, means Shock, Quake, and encompasses both thunder and earthquake. (Nowadays there is a specific word for earthquake made of the components ‘earth’ and ‘zhen’.) The old character has two components: rain, and chen, the name of the fifth Earthly Branch in the Chinese calendar – which… Continue Reading

Listening differently (and not posting much)

Background Well… in the first weeks of September I was bubbling over with ideas for blog posts. I’d write two, and ‘schedule’ one to be published later so as not to overdo it. And then I published that last one on Hexagram 23, and waited for inspiration to strike again… …and I’m still waiting. Oh. I’ve still… Continue Reading

Dreams: rain dance of the soul?

I asked Yi, ‘Why do we dream?’ I had a few reasons for asking: huge curiosity about the answer, of course, and wondering what Yi might say out of all the possible answers I could think of. (‘Processing’ stuff from the day? Receiving messages? Random noise? Ongoing inner work?) Also as a starting point for… Continue Reading

Yi on life purpose

A couple of days ago, I recommended the Divine Purpose Unveiled course, and all kinds of debate ensued. Some of that was about the very idea of having a ‘divine purpose’ at all, and whether it’s remotely helpful. Is it good to believe that we have a specific personal contribution to make in the world,… Continue Reading

Asking the wrong question about confidence

When I asked people their biggest challenge in working with the I Ching, so many said, in one form of words or another, that it had to do with confidence. Forming a question, casting a hexagram, even coming up with intelligent interpretations of the answer – these things might take some practice, but they flow… Continue Reading

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