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New Resonance Journal version

New Resonance Journal version

Just a quick note to say here is version 1.4 of the Resonance Journal.

(Note: if you already have the software installed, you need to run this updater program instead.)

It has a shiny new random entry option. You simply select ‘Review Random Entry’ from the ‘entries’ menu (or use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+m) to bring up a past entry. I’m finding this to be an intriguing opening for synchronicity: useful reminders, different perspectives on hexagrams I’m living with now, invitations to benefit from hindsight. It makes ‘reviewing readings’ less like homework and more like a game – create the opening, see what shows up.

Also, the software’s now faster and smoother – if you have a lot of entries, you’ll notice the difference when running searches – and has some nice little additions to its general user-friendliness, like the way the entry tree automatically opens to the current entry when you switch there from list view.

This is of course in addition to all the existing features…

  • included translations with commentary (LiSe Heyboer’s and my own)
  • quick ways to enter a Yijing reading – or cast one inside the journal
  • included Language of Change Yijing glossary
  • super-quick ‘cast history’ search (for the ‘didn’t I have that line/hexagram recently?’ moments)
  • tags to track the connections and resonances between readings, dreams and synchronicities
  • advanced search to find basically anything (now faster!)
  • cross-linking entries
  • and so on…

The 30 day trial is free to download. It won’t lock up your readings when the trial expires (because that would be tremendously annoying), but obviously we hope you’ll buy the full version to keep all the excellent search features…


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  1. I would really like to try the Resonance Journal. It doesn’t appear to work with MAC platforms. Is there another location to look? Or do you have suggestion if this is not available in MAC format?
    Thank You for all you do, April

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