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Opening soon for readings

Opening soon for readings

I’ll be opening for readings very shortly. To make sure you’re notified when I open and have a chance to book a slot, please sign up on the readings page for ‘Ways of Opening’, a pdf guide to finding your question. (And have a look through it – I hope you’ll find it helpful!)

I’m open almost all the time for ‘I Ching chats‘, a 30 minute quick overview of a reading, but only once or twice a year for this full, in-depth reading service. This is for a deep dive into a big question.

(Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you’d ask, or you’re not sure whether this is something that would ‘work’ as a reading. That’s what the first, no-obligation call is for.)

Have a look at the details here and put your name down if this could be for you. I’ll be in touch by email in a few days’ time.

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