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March 22nd: ‘Connecting with Imagery’ Workshop

March 22nd: ‘Connecting with Imagery’ Workshop

Consulting the I Ching? You will need…

  1. to know what you’re asking
  2. a sense of how the parts of a reading fit together, and
  3. to be able to get inside the oracle’s imagery.

If you’re missing any of these, you’ll tend to get stuck and frustrated at some point – but anyone who’s missing #3, the ability to relate to the imagery from the inside, is barely going to be able to get started.

(‘Kings? Birds? Wells? Offerings? What have they got to do with anything?’)

I say ‘ability’, but really this is more of a habit – steps you learn to follow without thinking as you engage with a reading. It’s just a matter of knowing the steps and having them become second nature.

And so, last June, I ran an online ‘Connecting with Imagery’ workshop, which was startlingly popular. And in the run-up to the Yijing Foundations Class (starting March 29th!) I’ve decided to re-run it, but with new examples. Here are the details:


Online, in a ‘Zoom’ video chat room which is brilliantly easy to use. Or in other words, at your computer or phone, wherever there’s an internet connection.


Part illustrated talk, part interpretation practice, part discussion and Q&A, about…

  • all the different ways Yi answers you in images
  • why you need to get ‘inside’ the imagery, and
  • how you can do that.


22nd March, 6pm UK time, which is…

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