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‘Well Gatherings’: new weekly Yijing video chats

‘Well Gatherings’: new weekly Yijing video chats

It seems like a good time to provide another way for people to connect and help one another with/through Yijing readings. So I’ll be hosting ‘Well Gatherings’ – an hour of chat and sharing readings – via Zoom each Monday for the next month or so.

Who it’s for

Normally, meetings like this are just for Change Circle members, but these are for everyone in Change Circle or WikiWing. That way we limit it to people who are genuinely interested in the Yi (probably a good idea in these days of ‘Zoombombing’) but cost won’t be a barrier. If you’d like to join but are short of funds, just sign up for WikiWing and I’ll email you the link on the day.


Mondays at 6pm UK time, starting next week on April 6th. Click here to see what that is in your own timezone. I don’t know how long the calls will continue for, but at least until the end of April.


Zoom video chat. A month ago I’d have needed to explain what that is… probably not so much now, right? I’ve been using it for classes since before they were famous; it works beautifully and is nice and easy to use.

I’ll email the room link to WikiWing and Change Circle members each Monday.

To share a reading

(Only if you’re definitely coming to the next call, please!)

See this forum thread for what to post, and add a link!

These are called ‘Well Gatherings’ because of Yi’s answer when I asked, ‘What about this idea?’ – Hexagram 48 line 6, changing to 57:

‘The well gathers,
Don’t cover it.
There is truth and confidence,
Good fortune from the source.’

Hexagram 48, line 6
overflowing bucket drawn from a well

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