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About keeping a journal of Yijing readings (along with dreams, synchronicities, insights and so on)

New Resonance Journal, now with password and printing

New Resonance Journal, now with password and printing

I’m very, very pleased to announce the birth of

The Resonance Journal, version 2.0!



With this version, you can:

Print your entries

print option in menu

…which also means you can use your computer’s ‘print to pdf’ driver to share individual entries.

Protect your journal with a password

password protection dialogue

And adjust the size and font of all the text you see in the program (menus, entry lists and so on)

adjusting interface text

(useful for ageing eyes… ask me how I know!)

Along with all the original features, such as

  • possibly the best Yijing reading search in the world
  • the choice of casting a reading inside your journal or entering one you already cast
  • tagging, internal links and sub-entries to interconnect readings, dreams, signs and more
  • the lovely little ‘review random entry’ feature that invites synchronicities
  • …and so on…

How to get the new version

If you’re trying the Resonance Journal for the first time

Visit this page for more detail and to download!

If you already use the Resonance Journal

Do not download and install from the main download page.

Re-installing the whole program in the same directory would overwrite all your entries with an empty journal.

Instead, you need to use the updater program from one of these links:

Download the Resonance Journal!

Here it is – http://www.onlineClarity.co.uk/journal/download.php Please download and enjoy – the 30 day trial should give you plenty of time to explore. It includes… my Language of Change Yijing glossary (not yet available anywhere else) quick ways to enter a reading you’ve cast yourself, as well as a ‘three coin’ cast within the software comprehensive search features… Continue Reading

Recurring hexagrams

I’d been planning on writing a devastatingly insightful post about some rarefied, recondite connection you can find between readings with the Resonance Journal. Maybe the karmic significance of a repeated nuclear hexagram emerging as primary when you ask a Big Question – something deep and meaningful like that. Only when I actually started looking through… Continue Reading

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