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About keeping a journal of Yijing readings (along with dreams, synchronicities, insights and so on)

How do you cast your readings?

How do you cast your readings?

Does computerised casting work?

From time to time, someone will ask me whether it’s acceptable to cast the I Ching – that venerable, 3,000-year-old oracle – by tapping a button on a screen. And quite a bit more often, I’ll hear from someone how they received an answer that spoke to them with complete clarity and sparked extraordinary change in their life – by tapping a button on a screen.

I’ve also heard a couple of times how someone cast a reading online, only to doubt whether this could really be a valid answer, pick up the coins to ask again – and receive the same response.

So… yes, casting on a phone or computer, or whatever piece of modern technology you have to hand, is fine. (When people first started casting with coins, those were the recently-invented modern technology.) The Yi works; it’s been working every day for three millennia: you can’t break it now with the way you consult.

What if I just prefer coins?

And having said all that… you might just not like casting on a screen; you might prefer something slower and more tangible, or just want to change your awareness by breaking away from the omnipresent screen for a moment.

(That’s what I generally prefer. I know I can’t break the oracle: the Well wells, and it isn’t going anywhere. But the well-rope and jug of my own attention need more care.)

Your options in the Resonance Journal

So this is why the Resonance Journal leaves the choice of casting method with you. You can use a simple in-app casting, or cast your reading however you prefer and then enter it quickly and easily (whether or not you know the hexagram number). Here’s how that works:

Haven’t I seen this reading before?

I’m going to be sharing a few mini-videos of some of my favourite Resonance Journal features. Here’s one about the ‘Cast History’ search. The point of this is that Yi doesn’t just communicate one reading at a time; the connections between readings can be quite eloquent, too. And sometimes it just makes its point by… Continue Reading

An eighth reason to keep a Yijing journal

An eighth reason to keep a Yijing journal

A Resonance Journal retrospective Over four years ago now, we first brought out the Resonance Journal: software to keep a journal both of your Yijing readings and also of dreams, synchronicities and simple daily experience, and to reveal and explore how all these things connect and resonate together. We’ve come quite a long way since… Continue Reading

New Resonance Journal, now with password and printing

New Resonance Journal, now with password and printing

I’m very, very pleased to announce the birth of The Resonance Journal, version 2.0!     With this version, you can: Print your entries …which also means you can use your computer’s ‘print to pdf’ driver to share individual entries. Protect your journal with a password And adjust the size and font of all the text… Continue Reading

Download the Resonance Journal!

Here it is – http://www.onlineClarity.co.uk/journal/download.php Please download and enjoy – the 30 day trial should give you plenty of time to explore. It includes… my Language of Change Yijing glossary (not yet available anywhere else) quick ways to enter a reading you’ve cast yourself, as well as a ‘three coin’ cast within the software comprehensive search features… Continue Reading

The first 7 reasons to keep a journal

(Note… of course this post is here now because the Resonance Journal is coming tomorrow. Other means of keeping a journal are also available!) At the beginning of my last Resonance Journal video, I mentioned a couple of (embarrassingly obvious) reasons why it’s good to be able to remember readings. I thought I could enlarge… Continue Reading

Recurring hexagrams

Recurring hexagrams

I’d been planning on writing a devastatingly insightful post about some rarefied, recondite connection you can find between readings with the Resonance Journal. Maybe the karmic significance of a repeated nuclear hexagram emerging as primary when you ask a Big Question – something deep and meaningful like that. Only when I actually started looking through… Continue Reading

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