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About keeping a journal of Yijing readings (along with dreams, synchronicities, insights and so on)

Example reading after a dream

Since I wrote about ‘Four ways Yi works with dreams’, I’ve been on the alert for how this conversation’s working for me. Here’s an example from my journal. I’d been divining – and worrying – about how I was going to promote the journal software. I’ve never been very good at selling things, not so… Continue Reading

Line positions and the moment of divination

Line positions and the moment of divination

Talking about ‘line positions’ sounds painfully dry and academic. (Not least if it makes you think of the formulas about line correspondence and so on.) What to call them instead? ‘Hexagram layers’? Too much like a trifle. Maybe ‘line voices’, or places to stand, ways to engage… What I’m trying to say (!) is that… Continue Reading

Announcing: new Yijing and dreams journal software coming 15th October

======================== Update It took longer than planned, but the Resonance Journal software is now available for download. ========================   Announcing… at last… with fanfare… The Yi-plus-dreams-plus-signs journal software – that’s been in a sousaphone-sized pipeline for a while – is really taking shape now. We’ll be calling for half a dozen beta testers in mid-August,… Continue Reading

Four ways Yi works with dreams

A wise person said to me recently, ‘There’s only one oracle.’ She meant that there’s only one reality speaking to us – so it shouldn’t surprise us when dreams, Yi, guides, synchronicities and all turn out to be working together. On reflection… this turns out to happen more often and in more ways than I’d… Continue Reading

Oracle bones and remembering

I have a lovely, fat book on my shelves called Sources of Chinese Tradition (volume 1), full of excerpted translations from the Chinese. Chapter 1, fittingly enough, is about oracle bone inscriptions: the earliest Chinese writing, divination records from the Shang dynasty, long before Yi came into being. The bone – a turtle shell or… Continue Reading

Patterns to look for

Patterns to look for

… in your I Ching reading journal. Recently I’ve been thinking (with help from some wise and generous mentoring clients!) about what can show up when you review a series of readings. The way they start to fit together, unfolding a single story or interweaving many themes, always gives me goosebumps. Sometimes it’s unmissable. I… Continue Reading

Why you might want to review your I Ching readings

Why you might want to review your I Ching readings

It’s not just me: lots of people let me know that they get further with their readings, understand them better, see more clearly, when they look at them for a second time. Continue Reading

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