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Yu the Great

Gradually nearing the high plateau

Hexagram 53, Gradual Progress, has two lines about the high plateau: ‘The wild geese gradually progress to the high plateau.The husband marches out and does not return,The wife is pregnant, but does not raise the child.Pitfall.Fruitful to resist robbers.’ Hexagram 53, line 3 ‘Wild geese gradually progress to the high… Read more »Gradually nearing the high plateau

a thornbush blocks the view out to sea

Manifesting desires?

The listener’s reading for this episode has an unusual premise: Beebee was trying to work out why what she was trying to manifest in her life wasn’t happening. Where was the block? She asked, “What actions are needed from me in order to achieve my desires?” And Yi responded with… Read more »Manifesting desires?

trees on a mountain

Creating a home

This podcast has a reading of my own, about creating a home. Yi answered with Hexagram 53, Gradual Progress, changing at line 5 to Hexagram 52, Stilling: changing to If you’d like to discuss a reading with me for a future episode (it’s free, as a ‘thank you’ for sharing),… Read more »Creating a home

An interview

CJ Liu kindly invited me to be interviewed on her show, and here’s the result. (I just want to reassure you that CJ did get a better reading from me than you see here! We talked about her reading for an extra half-hour or so in private, when she didn’t… Read more »An interview