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‘Connecting with Imagery’: a free workshop

‘Connecting with Imagery’: a free workshop

For a really good understanding of your own Yijing readings, I think there are basically two things you need to know:

  1. How the parts of a reading work together.
  2. How to connect with its imagery.

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The first of those can get a little ‘techie’, but all you really need to know to get started is

  • the moving line(s) take(s) precedence, and
  • the relating hexagram is part of the reading now (and often describes what this is all about for you).

Once you’re casting your own readings, having your own conversations with Yi, you’ll rapidly develop your own sense of how it speaks to you…

provided you can connect with its imagery.

If that’s a problem for you – if you find yourself looking at a reading and just not seeing what horses (or sacred vessels, or crossing rivers) have to do with relationships (or career moves, or awkward conversations) – then no amount of structural know-how is going to help.

At this moment of ‘Huh?’ and ‘Whut?’ and ‘Does not compute’, you don’t need more rules or formulas – you mostly just need to be able to engage your imagination. There are simple ways of doing that.

(Also a smidgen of background knowledge helps, as imagination-food. There are simple ways to find that, too.)

So… I’m running a modest online workshop on Sunday 23rd, when I’ll show you some simple ways of connecting with the imagery, understanding your reading from the inside, and seeing how it applies to your question.

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