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Hexagram 9 – WikiWing contribution

Here’s an email I can’t resist quoting: “I logged in finally the other day and peeked at the emerging WikiWing. WOW! This is just brilliant and I agree with everyone that it is something I would happily pay for in book form! I just browsed a bit on hexagram 5 that I had received previously… Continue Reading

Hexagram 9: Small Taming

También disponible en español (A good friend who received Hexagram 9 in response to a profound personal reading, as part of the image of her self, asked me how I saw it. So here are some pictures of Small Taming.) The key concept for hexagram 9 and hexagram 26 is chu, ‘Taming’ or ‘Accumulating’. The… Continue Reading

Why ask political questions?

Email from John: “I was wondering why someone such as the host of ‘Useless Tree’ would ask such large questions as he does. Isn’t it better to ask such questions so as to influence events to promote the general benevolence?” It’s a reasonable question, and I’ll send Sam Crane a link so he can answer… Continue Reading

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