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Hexagram 63 continued

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Hexagram 63

‘…and now the conclusion.’ So as I was saying… trigrams, in Hexagram 63. On the inside, li, fire and light: vision, awareness, lucidity. As an inner trigram, li tends to mean insight into the nature of the time. On the outside, kan, dark depths and unceasingly moving waters that can flow anywhere and take any… Continue Reading

Hexagram 63, Already Across (a beginning)

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Hexagram 63

63 seems a good choice of hexagram to write about at the turn of the year, with its theme of endings-and-beginnings. Hexagrams 63 and 64, of course, stand at the very end of the Yijing, and they deal with themes of completion and arrival – or not. Their very order in the Sequence – Already… Continue Reading

Marriage and Mandate

As I’ve probably mentioned from time to time, I’m working on an enlarged and improved version of the Words of Change Yijing glossary, to be included as part of the upcoming journal software. This gives me the perfect excuse for lots of completely engrossing research and exploration into Yi, while poor old Justin is solving… Continue Reading

Already Crossing?

On the one hand, ‘Already Across’ is certainly a good, literal translation of the name of Hexagram 63. The old character for ‘already’ shows someone turned away from a food pot, implying a completed action. The historical resonances of the book as a whole imply that this is the moment when the Zhou have already… Continue Reading

Already Across?

There’s a deep humour to the last two hexagrams of the Yijing. 63: Already Across. Already Completed. Every line is in what was traditionally said to be its ‘right place’ – that is, the yang lines are in the odd-numbered positions, 1, 3 and 5, and yin lines sit quietly in the even-numbered places, 2,… Continue Reading

Hexagram 63 and Change in prison

In a comment to my report on her work, Judy posted the reading from her first I Ching class for prisoners. I’m pasting her message and my response in here, so it’s on the front page for a while. Comments and insights very welcome. From Judy: “I would like to ask for help understanding the… Continue Reading

Defending against distress

Often, a weekly reading will give me a general idea of something to pay attention to, and then something will come up during the week that gives me a much clearer and more specific idea of what to do. And of course, that ‘something’ that comes up stands out as if marked for me with… Continue Reading

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