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Last few laws

… all still from Harmen. Laws 5 and 6 – If you cling to the answer you will lose the solution. The symbolic replies from the Yijing can invite you to endless lingering in the field of metaphors, chewing on every possible piece of information that might or might not be meaningful to you. Many… Continue Reading

Laws of Yijing Practice

Here’s a challenging post from Harmen Mesker: Ten Laws of Proper Yijing Practice Explained. While I’m unlikely ever to call anything to do with the Yi a ‘law’ (there’s a distinct shortage of rules graven on stone tablets for divination), this is a really thoughtful and thought-provoking article. Law 1: If you receive the same… Continue Reading

New information on Hexagram 46

The ‘sheng’ sacrifice at Qi Shan Harmen’s back! And as always, his research provides information you really have to consider in readings. This time he’s exploring sheng, Hexagram 46. The core divinatory meaning of sheng is (I think) to put in the effort to climb step by step towards a goal. It means ‘pushing upward’… Continue Reading

‘Favourable to have somewhere to go’

From Nelson:
“Under #24 it says, favorable to have somewhere to go. What does this mean?” Continue Reading

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